Wednesday, 19 January, 2022

Brune Poirson: the carbon tax “may come back” depending on the big debate

The carbon tax is a “tool which is effective” and “which has a real impact”, judge Brune Poirson, Secretary of State for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, who estimated on Sunday that she “may return” to office of the great debate.

The carbon tax “will perhaps come back. I don’t know, that is the subject of discussions in the great debate”, declared Ms. Poirson on France3. “It will be part of the discussions, questions of taxation, purchasing power, are at the center of the concerns of the French and occupy an important place in the great debate,” she added. For the Secretary of State, “the carbon tax, economists have shown, is a tool that is effective”.

“It is a tool in favor of ecological transition, which has a real impact because it sends a price signal that allows people to change their behavior”; she said, adding “we have to discuss it”. The increase in this tax – which applies in particular to fuels – scheduled for January 1, was canceled in December, in response to the movement of yellow vests.

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Regarding on the other hand the future bill on the circular economy which must be presented by the summer, Brune Poirson assured that “the goal is not to pass by ordinances”. “We have considered ordinances (…) because it is a question of transposing a French law of the European directives”, she explained. The Secretary of State considered “very regrettable” that a bill was “leaked” when “it was not a bill at all final”. “It is fundamental that there are many things that are discussed during the great debate that are incorporated into this bill,” she said.

Brune Poirson stressed that “this bill is difficult”. “It’s going to be complicated because here I’m tackling the world of waste” and “it’s a world that is opaque,” she said. “I want the French to get their money’s worth. I want all the eco-organizations and all those who manage waste in France to do so in a more transparent way and more respectful of the purchasing power of the French,” he said. -she insists.

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