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Black Friday: several actions against Amazon and overconsumption

On the occasion of Black Friday, the global e-commerce giant Amazon was the target on Friday of several actions by environmental activists denouncing the climatic consequences of overconsumption, near Paris and Lyon as well as in the North.

In Saint-Priest (Rhône), a hundred activists briefly blocked two entrances to a warehouse of the American company before being evacuated by the police, according to the police and the organizers.

Images relayed on Twitter by the Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement show young people being unceremoniously evacuated by uniformed police officers. The movement denounced “unworthy violence”.

Gathered at the call of several associations including Youth for Climate, XR, Greenpeace and Attac, the protesters intended to denounce the very principle of Black Friday, “a day dedicated to overconsumption and compulsive shopping”, according to an activist from Alternatiba ANV Rhône .

A little earlier, dozens of people gathered in front of Amazon’s French headquarters in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine), near Paris, in the presence of AFP journalists.

“Non-violent and joyful” action

Gathered in particular at the call of Attac and Greenpeace for this action presented as “non-violent and joyful”, the demonstrators unfolded banners hostile to the online commerce giant before sitting down in front of the headquarters of the screaming company from: “We say stop to Black Friday and its impunity!”.

“Today, Amazon has the greenhouse gas emissions of a State”, denounced on the spot Jean-François Julliard, director of Greenpeace France. “We need more than ever actions of civil disobedience because Amazon is a symbol of impunity”, in particular tax, estimated the MEP LFI Manon Aubry, present at his side as well as the MP LFI Clémentine Autain.

In the North department, around forty activists took place in the morning on a roundabout in front of the Amazon site of Flers-en-Escrebieux, near Douai, whose entrance was protected by about twenty police officers, noted a videographer. from AFP. “Amazon destroys jobs and the climate”, “Block Friday”, could one read on banners.

In several cities in France, environmental and anti-globalization activists have also targeted shopping centers.

This is the case in La Défense, in the suburbs of Paris, where a few dozen activists from Youth for Climate and XR blocked one of the entrances to the Quatre Temps shopping center, without however really disrupting its activity.

In Roanne (Loire), around thirty activists from Attac and ANV COP21 carried out an action to conceal the commercial display linked to “Black Friday”.

“Die in” operation on two brands

“The police came to meet us and proceeded to identity records during the operation which was carried out by three groups of ten people each, between 6:00 am and 9:00 am,” said one of their representatives.

In a shopping center north of Saint-Etienne, a dozen Alternatiba activists launched a “die in” operation in the middle of the morning on two brands (Bonobo and Burger King), according to a police source.

Already Thursday, dozens of activists from environmental movements had briefly blocked the Amazon distribution center in Brétigny-sur-Orge (Essonne).

They had been dislodged after about two hours of action by the police. Eight people had been arrested for “obstructing traffic”, according to the police.

(with AFP)

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