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Android 4.1 and up
June 10, 2022
MOD Features
– Unlimited Money/Unlocked
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Description Mod Apk – A Great Chance To Become The Best Archer

The world of archery games is always attractive with the thrilling and conquesting feelings it gives players. When joining Mod Apk, you can even enhance such excitement by competing against your friends or other players worldwide.

With our modified version, you will enjoy the game to the fullest with no ads shown and unlimited money to unlock awesome items. Find it amazing? Download the apk to start playing with bows and arrows. mod apk free

What Is Mod Apk?

The app from Cheetah is an interesting game available on Android. In this game, you attack other players using your weapons and avoid them by using obstacles. Try to shoot as precisely as possible to survive throughout the battles.

It allows you to start with an alone match, where you need to beat other gamers yourself. Flexibly use the left and right joysticks to move and shoot arrows to attack your enemies. Once you defeat an opponent, your experience points will increase respectively.

You can invite more friends to battle and enjoy the PvP shooter challenges together in the apk. Destroying the enemies will also help your character to level up. The more levels you unlock, the more weapons you can discover.

Our modified version appears to help you make things easier and smoother with an unlimited budget to unlock anything you want. Besides, you can have an ad-free app to improve your gaming experience.

Outstanding Features Of Mod Apk 2022

Easy To Start With Intuitive Touch Control

To play, you will use touch control to move your character and destroy your enemies. It is quite simple to start with the joysticks. All you need to care about is skilfully using such virtual controls to shoot and dodge the arrows.

Thanks to the easy-to-use floating controls, you can quickly get acquainted with the apk. Besides, the apk will automatically level up when your character meets the requirements, making it more straightforward.

Solo Challenges Available For Your Offline Enjoyment

Besides playing with friends like other PvP games, this apk allows you to enjoy it solo. You can tackle the challenges alone when you are offline. There is a wide range of levels available for you to discover in this mode.

Furthermore, the end of each arc will deliver a strong boss for you to defeat, making the game more enticing. Lots of buffs will be added to your characters when you take down your opponents. mod apk download

Multiple Game Modes To Battle Online

The main part will appear when you are online. Different game modes with various challenges will satisfy your fighting mentality. You can explore Battle Royale, 5v5, or team play.

For Battle Royale, feel free to join random maps and battle with other gamers. To survive, you should dodge the players with higher levels, collect the orbs to level up your characters, and try to upgrade your weapons.

When you move into 5v5 mode, you will make it with a five-person team. The team can be a group of friends or random online gamers. The players need to cooperate to defeat enemies and become the winning team.

The team play mode has gameplay relatively the same as Battle Royale. But you will combine with your teammates to play instead of fighting alone. The victory will belong to the last team surviving on the map.

A Wide Variety Of Weapons

The first classic weapons that make this game’s name are the bow and arrow. However, the developer later adds many other types of weapons for gamers to enjoy the battle. You will gradually discover this arsenal as you defeat your opponents and collect the experience points to make your character grow.

Highly Competitive Ranked Battles

In the mod apk latest version, you can even challenge the leading players in the game rankings. When you experience the game to a certain extent, you can try this type of competition to combat the best gamers in this archery world.

Winning the battle, your name will be on the leaderboard. Try to win against as many big opponents as possible to raise your name to the top.

Enjoy Awesome Rewards

Sometimes, the app also provides limited championships for players to compete in. Such challenges will last for a short time and come with amazing rewards. Follow the game, and don’t miss such a chance to obtain its awesome gifts.

Besides, you can also log in frequently to get the app’s daily rewards, which is so easy to do. Those rewards increase day by day, so try to be as active as possible.

Totally Free To Play

Though it is an amazing archery game, the apk is completely to install and enjoy. Thus, if you want to join the interesting world of archers, do not hesitate, get the mod apk download without any fee or money.

Unlimited Money And No Ads

Compared to the mod apk old version, our app will provide you with an endless budget to unlock everything you want. Furthermore, you will enjoy the game without the interruption of any advertisement. It sounds so great, right? mod apk 2022

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modified Version?

For you to have an overview of the app’s two sides, we list both the advantages and disadvantages of it below:


  • The game is free to install and play
  • It is simple to start playing with basic rules
  • Both solo and multiplayer modes are available
  • Unlimited coins and diamonds in the modified version
  • You can enjoy it both online and offline
  • No annoying advertisements intervene in your game


  • The game is only for devices running Android 4.0.3 and up.
  • Sometimes the motions are not really smooth.

Final Thoughts

The mod apk will bring you excellent PvP battles with many archers. You can download the mod game to enjoy solo fights or team combats with worldwide friends. Try the game and fight to be the best archer!