Sunday, 23 January, 2022

Amazon destroys twice as many jobs as it creates, says Mounir Mahjoubi

The American distribution giant is said to have destroyed 7,900 jobs in France. This is the conclusion of an analysis note that the former secretary of state for digital and LREM deputy Mounir Mahjoubi published Friday, November 22.

The figure is obtained “by deducting the hires of Amazon and third-party sellers (12,337 jobs created) from the job cuts in physical commerce due to the activities of the shopping site (20,239 jobs lost)”, reports France Info who accessed the report. In other words, for a job created at Amazon, the convenience store loses 2.2 jobs. Figures consistent with those of a 2016 American study, which estimates that 2 jobs were lost for a new job at Amazon.

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One cause, the productivity of an Amazon employee much higher than that of a shop employee: an Amazon employee “supports a turnover of around 600,000 euros” against “270,000 euros” for an employee of local commerce. Productivity due to “contested managerial practices”, denounces Mounir Mahjoubi. “The men and women of the logistics centers (of the platform) work at a frantic and timed pace”, with “repetitive and physically painful tasks”.

Dehumanization of labor relations

Tax optimization, intense automation, “dehumanization of commercial relations”: so many factors that do not allow small businesses to fight against the American slaughter machine. Consuming is also a civic and political act, “recalls the former Secretary of State for Digital, for whom” Internet users must click knowingly. Their purchases weigh on national employment “, he explains.” The French must think of French SMEs for their purchases “, because” they are fundamentally more human “.

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The Parisian deputy hopes to lead this year to the second edition of “Noël des PME”, a directory of local businesses, controlling their social and environmental impact from which the French can make their purchases “.

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