Wednesday, 26 January, 2022

Airbnb becomes one of the main sponsors of the IOC, Anne Hidalgo is alarmed

A stab in the back. The peer-to-peer tourist accommodation rental giant Airbnb announced Monday in London that it would become one of the main sponsors of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) until 2028 – during the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. For the City of Paris, it’s a shame.

Ian Brossat (PCF), deputy mayor for housing, immediately reacted: “It is a scandalous and irresponsible choice given the disastrous consequences that Airbnb has on housing in Paris or in our cities,” said himself. he indignant. “Paris is in dispute with this platform. Moreover, the mayor alerted the International Olympic Committee (IOC) by mail when the partnership began to be mentioned on the inopportune nature of this alliance.”

Legislative strengthening planned

“This partnership does not change the determination of the City of Paris to strengthen its legislation against Airbnb”, underlines the deputy mayor for sport, tourism and the Olympic Games Jean-François Martins. “Even if this subject is not strictly Parisian, insofar as it concerns all the Olympic cities until 2028 – that is to say Tokyo in 2020, Beijing in 2022, Milan in 2026 and Los Angeles in 2028 – it is clear that in Paris, we expect Airbnb to respect the law regarding the number of nights per year (now set at 120 per year maximum) and the unique registration number, which is not the case today. hui. “

The unique registration number is a number that an owner must withdraw from the City of Paris and must appear on his advertisements. Aibnb does not make it a mandatory criterion for its announcements, which prevents the City of Paris from locating work.

Friday, November 15, the mayor of Paris sent a letter to the IOC in which she alerted the Olympic House to the negative consequences of the platform in Paris. Increase in rent prices, nuisance for the neighborhood, losses for hotels and shortage of housing for the middle classes.

This partnership, unveiled by platform co-founder Joe Gebbia, comes as the company seeks to improve its image before a possible IPO in 2020. Airbnb is entering the closed circle of large companies that are members of the “top” program. of the IOC, which already hosts thirteen groups including the Chinese Alibaba and the American Coca-Cola.

The agreement, the amount of which has not been disclosed, will cover a total of five editions of the Olympic Games namely Tokyo in 2020, Paris in 2024 and Los Angeles in 2028 for the summer, as well as Beijing in 2022 and Milan-Cortina in 2026 for the winter, specifies for its part the IOC in a press release. For the American platform, this is a major marketing contract which should enable it to support its development and to convey a more positive image in the face of numerous controversies.

Tense climate with hoteliers

Popular with millions of tourists for its prices considered attractive, Airbnb has drawn the wrath of many hotel professionals, who accuse it of reducing their market share and demand from the authorities better control of the activities of the American company. . Several disputes are currently opposing the American giant to the City of Paris, less than five years from the Olympics in the French capital.

The partnership will focus in particular on accommodation for visitors and athlete families during the next Olympic Games, while being respectful of the environment. “This innovative partnership reinforces our strategy of ensuring that the effective organization of the Olympic Games is sustainable and leaves a legacy for the host community”, underlines Thomas Bach, President of the IOC. “With the support of Airbnb, we will also provide new opportunities for athletes around the world to generate their own income by promoting physical activity and the Olympic values,” he said.

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky recently told the Japanese press that an Olympic partnership would “really help publicize Airbnb” in Japan. Based in San Francisco, the platform, emblem of the sharing economy like Uber, took off shortly after the financial crisis of 2007.

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