Monday, 23 May, 2022

Aid for seniors: the government is backing down, Muriel Pénicaud targeted

The government no longer intends to plan the aid granted to seniors for home employment. A decision justified by the majority on Wednesday September 25.

Aid for seniors: the government backs off and charges Muriel Pénicaud

I think the prime minister made the right decision“. Tuesday, September 24, Emmanuel Macron assumed the government’s about-face in the planing of aid granted to seniors over 70 for home employment. Between the lines, it is the management of the Minister of Labor Muriel Pénicaud that is questioned. The measure would have affected 600,000 retirees, but reported only 115 million euros.

A proof of amateurism for the opposition

How can we maintain confidence in a government that is constantly changing its course, whose very logic we no longer understand? Why is he still attacking the weakest“, Asks Olivier Faure, deputy PS. “It is the proof of a lack of knowledge of the French and of political sense.“, Continues LR MP Daniel Fasquelle. A controversy which the government would have gone well six months before the municipal elections.